Changing the shape of voting in Whatcom County


August 26, 2015

Whatcom County voters will face a number of issues on the November ballot. These proposals, from the Charter Review Commission and from the County Council, could have a profound impact on the way we vote and the shape of the council we elect. We’ll explore these proposals at our Aug. 26 meeting.  Two important proposals would change the way council members are elected. One, proposed by the Charter Review Commission, would require district-only voting for council members in both the primary and general election. Another, proposed by County Council, would redraw the electoral map to create five council districts instead of the current three.

Among the other questions on the ballot proposed by the Charter Review Commission:

–Limiting council members and the county executive to three terms.

–Any proposed ballot measure changing an amendment approved by two-thirds of the voters would require a 7-0 vote by County Council.

–Any proposed ballot measure to change County Council election procedures would require a 7-0 vote by council.

We’ll have two knowledgeable guests—County Council Member Rud Browne and Charter Review Commissioner Ken Bell at our meeting to talk about these measures and why voters should say yes or no.