Envision 2036: Bellingham, Lynden and Ferndale Plan for the Future


July 22nd, 2015

On July 22nd the Bellingham City Club welcomes planners from the cities of Bellingham, Lynden and Ferndale to talk about each city’s plan to accommodate the approximately 75,000 new neighbors we are expected to receive in Whatcom County by 2036. Each city faces different challenges and opportunities as they consider what to do with their share of the growth. One of the biggest is: how do we welcome all these new people and still keep our community character?
Panelists will include: Amy Harksell, Planning Director for the City of Lynden, Jori Burnett, Planning Director for the City of Ferndale, and Greg Aucutt, Assistant Planning Director for the City of Bellingham.
During the program, the panelists will explain each city’s unique approach to planning for the future, what they are prioritizing and how they will involve the public in their planning efforts.