Coming June 26: Alternatives to Incarceration in Whatcom County – Today and Tomorrow

Please purchase tickets in advance by 6:00pm Sunday, June 23, here.

There are now numerous programs in Whatcom County designed to reduce incarceration. We’ll look at what they are, how they are funded, how and how well they work and who administers them. We will also probe progress on how the initiative passed for a new jail, increased behavioral health resources and housing is progressing. Our panelists will report on how existing and future programs will be integrated as well as where does planning and implementation stand today? 


Erika Lautenbach, Health Department Director
Donnell Tanksley, Whatcom County Sheriff
Satpal Sidhu, Whatcom County Executive


Land Acknowledgement

The Board of the Bellingham City Club  has adopted the following land acknowledgement to introduce its public programs:

We begin by acknowledging, with humility, that the land where we are today is the territory of the People of the Salish Sea. Their presence is imbued in the waterways, shorelines, valleys and mountains of the traditional homelands of the Coast Salish People, and it has been this way since time immemorial.

For information about the land acknowledgement adopted by the Lummi Business Council, click here.

For a video about the Ferndale Public Schools land acknowledgement produced by Ferndale School District, Children of the Setting Sun, and the Lhaqtemish Foundation, click here.