Coming October 4: Jail Proposition and Citizen Initiatives ONLINE

Registration in advance by Monday, October 2, is requested to receive the Zoom link by email.  Click here to register.
You can also find the link on this webpage on Oct. 4.

In the last of its three election forums Bellingham City Club hosts the pros and cons of 3 ballot measures to be considered by the voters. The Zoom event is free to the public and will be held on October 4 at 12 noon. Early registration is recommended at www.bellinghamcityclub.org.

Ballot Measures to be covered include:

Proposition 4 – Public Health, Safety, and Justice Sales and Use (aka Jail) Tax – brought to the voters by a resolution passed by the Whatcom County Council. If this measure passes it will authorize the collection of a local sales and use tax of two-tenths of one percent for the purpose of providing funds for costs associated with public health, safety and justice facilities and services, including behavioral health, supportive housing, public safety, and criminal justice facilities and programs.
Initiative 1 – Establishing a Minimum Wage Above the State Minimum Wage – brought to the voters by a sufficient number of qualified electors of the City of Bellingham – If passed this measure would establish a City minimum wage that is $1.00 above the State minimum wage on May 1, 2024, increasing to $2.00 above the State minimum wage on May 1, 2025. The measure prohibits retaliation by employers against employees; establishes a private right of action for employees; gives the City access to work sites and records; and allows the City to issue civil infractions and order injunctive relief including reinstatement, restitution, and payment of back wages.
Initiative 2 – Rental Relocation Assistance Program for Tenants – brought to the voters by a sufficient number of qualified electors of the City of Bellingham – This measure would require landlords to provide written notice 120 days before increasing rent by more than 8% in a rolling 12-month period; require landlords to pay relocation assistance equal to three times the current fair market monthly rent for Bellingham or three times the tenant’s existing monthly rate, whichever is higher, when increasing rent more than 8%, with limited exceptions; provide tenants receiving assistance a relocation period of 5 months; and authorize private actions and city enforcement.

Coming Nov. 15 IN PERSON: Children’s Mental Health Post-COVID

Building Resilience for Them and Ourselves

Purchase of tickets in advance by Sunday, Nov. 12, is required; click here to register.

The pandemic caused significant stress on young brains and harmed many youth. Hear how to cope with life events like a pandemic, and how to help ourselves, our children and grandchildren to heal.

Dr. Kira Mauseth, Seattle University, is a researcher and trainer for parents, schools and  clinicians about the impacts of stress on the brain and behavior of youth. She will address how to build resilience after disruptive events like COVID and to deal with  tensions in all of our lives. She will provide practical approaches to help us help young people and others around us while also helping ourselves!

Biography: Dr. Kira Mauseth is a practicing clinical psychologist who sees patients at Snohomish Psychology Associates in Everett and Edmonds, WA, is a Teaching Professor at Seattle University and serves as a co-lead for the Behavioral Health Strike Team for the WA State Department of Health. She also owns Astrum Health, LLC, and consults with organizations and educational groups about disaster preparedness and resilience building within local communities.  Dr. Mauseth has provided training to community groups and professionals both regionally and abroad as the co-developer of the Health Support Team© program. Her work and research focus on disaster behavioral health, resilience, and recovery from trauma as well as small and large-scale critical incident response and preparation for organizations. She has worked abroad extensively with disaster survivors and refugees and has trained first responders and health care workers throughout Puget Sound the United States, and currently serves in the adult mental health clinical seat on Washington State’s Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC).


Land Acknowledgement

The Board of the Bellingham City Club  has adopted the following land acknowledgement to introduce its public programs:

We begin by acknowledging, with humility, that the land where we are today is the territory of the People of the Salish Sea. Their presence is imbued in the waterways, shorelines, valleys and mountains of the traditional homelands of the Coast Salish People, and it has been this way since time immemorial.

For information about the land acknowledgement adopted by the Lummi Business Council, click here.

For a video about the Ferndale Public Schools land acknowledgement produced by Ferndale School District, Children of the Setting Sun, and the Lhaqtemish Foundation, click here.