Coming August 25 Online: Forum for Port Candidates

The Port of Bellingham is charged with promoting economic development throughout the County.  Three Port Commissioners make the decisions and two Commissioner seats are on this year’s ballot.  The direction of the Port is in the balance.  The contenders in District 1 are incumbent Michael Shepard and challenger John Huntley.  Vying for District 2 will be the top two primary election finishers among incumbent Ken Bell, Austin Chapin and Kelly Krieger.

Coming September 22 Online: Forum for County Council Candidates

Our September 22 program will concentrate on the four County Council elections.  The candidates for the open seat in District 1 will be the top two vote getters among Eddy Uri, Jeremiah Ramsey, and Kaylee Galloway.  In District 2, incumbent Todd Donovan and Kelley O’Connor face off.  In District 3, the top two primary winners among incumbent Tyler Bird, Fred Rinard, Kathy Sabel and Rebecca Lewis will be on our virtual stage.  And the At Large County Council candidates will be the top two primary finishers among incumbent Barry Buchanan, Bob Burr Kamal Bhachu and Misty Flowers.