Bellingham City Club is a volunteer-run organization. There are opportunities for City Club members to help in a variety of ways.

Meeting Support

Volunteers are needed to check in ticket-holders, assist with badges, and help with other setup and cleanup tasks.

Board of Directors

These volunteers govern the City Club. They meet monthly and may chair or participate in a committee. Click here for a current list of board members.


The Program Committee is responsible for developing City Club programs. Members use community and professional connections and research to develop program ideas, bringing a depth and breadth of experience, background and education to the program selection process. They recruit speakers that represent well-grounded, articulate and diverse views on issues important to the community. Program ideas come from various sources, including community and member input and undergo lively debate and vetting. Member feedback on programs is critical to the committee’s work.

Committee members are appointed based on the ability to:

  • Work well with others;
  • Leave personal or political agendas at the door;
  • Actively listen;
  • Consider and respect the views of others;
  • Bring new idea to the table, and
  • Laugh at oneself.

The Membership Committee meets as needed to develop recommended policies related to membership in the Bellingham City Club and works closely with the Treasurer and the Public Relations Committee. The Chair is responsible for maintaining the membership database, managing meeting arrangements (not including program arrangements}, and coordinating the work of volunteers who assist meeting attendees.

The Public Relations Committee members work on a variety of tasks to promote the City Club and its activities.

Additional ad hoc committees may be formed that include Board and other volunteer participants.

If you have an interest in volunteering, please drop us a note at info@bellinghamcityclub.org.