Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing City Club programs.  Members use community and professional connections and research to develop program ideas, bringing a depth and breadth of experience, background and education to the program selection process. They recruit speakers that represent well-grounded, articulate and diverse views on issues important to the community. Program ideas come from various sources, including community and member input and undergo lively debate and vetting. Member feedback on programs is critical to the committee’s work.

After consultation with the Program Committee Chair, the President appoints members to this key committee based on the following standards: 1) ability to work well with others; 2) ability to leave personal or political agendas at the door; 3) ability to actively listen; 4) ability to consider and respect the views of others; 5) ability to follow through on assigned responsibilities in a timely fashion; and 6) demonstrated ability to laugh at oneself.

Membership Committee

Working closely with the Treasurer and the Public Relations Committee, the Membership Committee provides direction and support for all functions related to Bellingham City Club membership. This includes maintaining a database of members, processing new memberships and renewals and communicating with current and potential members.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee members coordinate publicity to inform members and the community about upcoming City Club programs and activities by creating event announcements for Club emails, updating the website, monitoring the Facebook page, and ensuring BTV 10 videos are posted to the website. In addition, the PR committee sends a monthly press release to local media outlets and maintains a press release contact list.