Coming June 27: Preparing for Future Jobs

Employment That Will Sustain Our Local Workforce and Economy

As communities strive to lure tech giants, and companies complain about needing workers in this full employment environment, how do our local institutions remain nimble when new ideas and technology are happening so fast?

Can the Port and other governmental agencies lure new opportunities to our community and can our colleges provide the needed educational training for their students as they look for jobs in this new economy?

Our speakers will address the synergy between our hopes for developing more jobs and the educational challenges that the community colleges are facing as they strive to provide a work force prepared for the future.


Don Goldberg, Economic Development Director of the Port of Bellingham

Don Goldberg Bio


Kathi Hiyane-Brown, President of Whatcom Community College

Kathi Hiyane-Brown Bio


Kim Perry, President of Bellingham Technical College

Kim Perry Bio