Archive of Past Programs (prior to July 2010)


Why I Am Suing the Feds and Other Timely Topics. Rob McKenna
July, 2010

What Does Health Care Reform Mean for Washington State and Whatcom County?
Mike Kreidler, David Lynch, Victoria Doerper
June, 2010

What’s All This Talk About Tax Reform?
Lisa Brown, John Burbank
May, 2010

Immigration: The Next Great Debate?
Margaret Stock, Michael Ramos
April, 2010

We the People or We the Corporations?
Derek Cressman, Dan Larner, John Strait
March, 2010

Beyond Charity: Do We eed Nonprofits or Do They Need Us?
Putnam Barber, Carolyn Wall, Sue Sharpe
February, 2010

When Will Our State’s Economy Recover?
Arun Raha
January, 2010

A Conversation with Ryan Crocker
Ryan Crocker & Steve Sher
December, 2009

Is It Time to Legalize Marijuana?
Norm Stamper & Ron Brooks
November, 2009

Regions at the Crossroad
Norman Rice
October, 2009

Who will Govern the Port of Bellingham?
John Blethen, Mike McAuley, Doug Smith and Scott Walker
September, 2009

What Just Happened? The Financial Crisis of 2008 and the State of Washington’s Banks Today

Bruce Clawson, North Sound Division Manager of Banner Bank
August, 2009

How We Can End Homelessness in Our Community
Bill Block, Committee to End Homelessness in King County; Paul H. Carlson, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness; David Wertheimer, Pacific Northwest Initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
July, 2009

Death with Dignity
Arline Hincley, Compassionate Choices for Washington; Dr. David Lynch, President, Whatcom County Medical Soiciety;
Nancy Steiger, CEO, St. Hoseph’s Hospital
June, 2009

How we Transformed our State’s Budget
Washington State Legislators: Kelli Linville, Jeff Morris, and Kevin Ranker
May, 2009

How the Great Depression of the 1930s Compares to our current Economic Reality
Joyce Morse, Long-time Bellingam resident
Kevin Leonard, Professor of History, WWU
April, 2009

From Disgrace to Grace: Reconciliation and Healing in Canadian Aboriginal Residential Schools
Rt. Rev. Jim Cruickshank
March, 2009

The Possibility of Transformational Change in Health Care in Washington State
Mike Kreidler, Washington State Insurance Commissioner
February, 2009

So What Exactly Will Transformational Change Really Look Like?
Mark Smith, Sara Weir, Jack Turner
January, 2009

Establishing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan
Les Reardanz
November, 2008

The Politics of Power
October, 2008

The Politics of Humor
David Horsey
September, 2008

What’s the Matter with Lake Whatcom?
Maryor Dan Pike, County Executive Pete Kremen
August 2008

Illegal Drugs in Our Community
July, 2008

My Life and Times – Harriet Spanel
June, 2008

The New Primary Election System
Secretary of State Sam Reed
May, 2008

What’s new at the Port?
April, 2008

The Future of Higher Education in Whatcom County
WWU President Karen Morse and WCC President Kathi Hiyune-Brown
March, 2008

Bellingham Mayor, Dan Pike to Discuss City’s Future
February, 2008

Faith & Politics in the Race for the White House
January, 2008

The News Business–Changes, Challenges, and do we Care?
November, 2007

Bellingham School Board Candidates Forum
October, 2007

Meet your Next Mayor
Mayoral candidates Dan McShane & Dan Pike
September 2007

K-12 Public Education
Superintendents Ken Vedra and Tim Yeomans
August 2007

Senator Maria Cantwell
August 2007

Is there Justice in the Justice Department?
John McKay, former U.S. Attorney General
June 2007

An Agenda for Bellingham II
David Blair, Rudd Brown, Peggy Zoro
May 2007

Breakfast with the Governor
Governor Christine Gregoire
May 2007

Public Campaign Financing
Roni Beall and Andy Anderson
April 2007

Things Canadian
Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
March 2007

The Direction of the 110th Congress
Congressman Rick Larsen
February 2007

An Agenda for Bellingham’s Future
Mark Asmundson, Patricia Decker, Dale Kinsley
January 2007

Examination of Election Issues
Senate Candidate Mike McGavick
October 2006

The 42nd Legislative District Race
Doug Ericksen and Jasper MacSlarrow
September 2006

Can Islam Co-Exist with Free Secular Society?
Panel from Whatcom Islamic Society
May 2006

Bellingham Technical College
Gerald Pumphrey, President
April 2006

Lobbying ­ The Good, Bad & the Ugly
Drew Pettus
March 2006

Ask the Mayor
Mark Asmundson
February 2006

A Looming Crisis in America’s Healthcare System
Kathleen O’Connor, CodeBlueNow!
January 2006

Law Enforcement: Ex-Seattle
Police Chief Perspective
Norm Stamper, PhD
R. O. Anderson
November 2005

Meet the New Bellingham Herald Editor
Glenn Nardi
Lyle Harris, PhD
October 2005

Tort Reform Referenda
Todd Nichols, JD
Erick Laine, MD
Dave Nichols,JD
September 2005

Fluoridization Ballot Initiative
Ken Gass, MD
Terry Poth, DO
Curt Smith, DDS
August 2005

Property Rights vs Growth
Ross Day, JD
Bob Stacey, JD
June 2005

Government by Initiative
Tim Eyman
Todd Donovan, PhD
May 2005

What’s Growing Here
Kevin Palowski
Derek Long
April 2005

College Students: How They’ve Changed
Tina Loudon
March 2005

Justice ­ Access for All?
Mary Kay Becker, JD
February 2005

Identity Theft
David McEachran, JD
January 2005

Watergate: Integrity in Decision Making
Egil “Bud”Krogh, JD
November 2004

Charter Schools
Catherine Ahl
Dave Quall
October 2004

Turmoil in Iraq Panel
September 2004

Candidates Forum: Superior Court Judge
Chuck Snyder, JD
Dave Cottingham, JD
Max Setter, JD
August 2004

Foster Care in Washington
Timothy Farris, JD
June 2004

Motorboats on Lake Whatcom
Sharon Crozier
Max Legg, JD
Betsy Brinson
May 2004

Say Goodbye to Hanging Chads
Bob Terwilliger
Bev Harris
April 2004

A Call for Leaders
Steven Sundborg, SJ
March 2004

Open Primaries & Electronic Voting
Sam Reed
February 2004

Bellingham History
Tim Wahl
January 2004

Climate Change in the Northwest
John Vaccaro
November 2003

Pursuing Perfection Health Project David Lynch, MD
Mary Minniti
Nancy Stothart
October 2003

Mayoral Candidate Forum
Brett Bonner
Mark Asmundson
September 2003

State Transportation
Douglas MacDonald
August 2003

U. S. Relations with Europe
(State Department)
June 2003

Northwest Economy
Michael J. Parks
May 2003

Sports in the Northwest
Art Theil
April 2003

Two Years in Russia
Tim Douglas
March 2003

State Tax Commission report
Hugh Spitzer, JD
February 2003
Travel in Europe
Rick Steves
January 2003

Newly Elected State Legislators
Doug Erickson
Kelli Linville
Jeff Morris
November 2002

Community Counts Report
Hart Hodges, PhD
Chris Phillips
Greg Winter
October 2002

Libraries and the USA-PATRIOT Act
Judith Krug
September 2002

2000 Census of Whatcom County
Patricia Decker
Hal Hart, PhD
Dave Cahill
August 2002

Whatcom Medical Examiner
Gary Goldfogel, MD
June 2002

Annual Meeting
State Attorney General Christine Gregoire
May 2002

Publishing/Editing the Bellingham Herald
Christine Chen
Evan Miller
May 2002

The Arts in Bellingham
David Allen
April 2002

Life as a Freshman in the U.S. House of Representatives
Rick Larsen
March 2002

Dealing with Aging Parents
Lexie Lamboen
Barry Meyers, JD
February 2002

Travel in Europe
Rick Steves
January 2002

Whatcom Emergency Preparedness
Neil Clement
November 2001

Paying Teachers What They’re Worth
Phil Becker
Anne Randall
Dale Kinsley, EdD
October 2001

Mayor’s Budget Presentation
Mark Asmundsen
September 2001

Farmland Preservation Trust
Don Stuart
August 2001

State Health Insurance
Deborah Senn
June 2001

Lobbying in the New Millennium
Al Swift
May 2001

Health Care ­ Part II
Jennifer McAfee, MD
Jim Moren, MD
Marc Pierson, MD
April 2001

Health Care ­ Part I
Kathleen O’Connor
March 2001

Human Rights Task Force
Lisa Fox
Vernon Johnson, PhD
February 2001

Seamless U. S./Canada Border
January 2001

Local Election Media Coverage
November 2000

Initiative Process
October 2000

2nd District Congressional Candidates
Rick Larsen
John Koster
September 2000

Native American Sovereignty
August 2000

Gun Control
June 2000

Reefer Madness (Justice system)
Dave Nichols, JD
May 2000

British Columbia Columnist
Vaughn Palmer
April 2000

Alternative Sentencing
Dale Brandland
George Russell
March 2000

Whatcom County Economy Panel
February 2000

Juvenile Justice
Doug Hyldahl
Chuck Snyder, JD
Royce Buckingham
January 2000

Watershed Initiative
Jack Petree
Tim Faris, PhD
October 1999

Northwest Economy
Michael J. Parks
September 1999

Street Legal
Laurie Powers
August 1999

Dave Brim
June 1999

Annual Meeting
KIRO Radio Talk Host Dave Ross
May 1999

Tom Cove
May 1999

Alternative Education Panel
April 1999

The “New” Journalism
Floyd McKay
March 1999

Black History
Clyde Ford
February 1999

Post-Secondary Education in
Wallace Loh, EdD
January 1999

Public Disclosure Commission
Melissa Warheit
November 1998

Whatcom Watershed
Robin Mathews
October 1998

The View from the US Senate
Senator Patty Murray
September 1998

State Senate Candidates
September 1998

2nd District Candidates
August 1998

Candidates for State Justice
July 1998

Western Washington University & the Community
George Pierce PhD
June 1998

What’s Cooking in Local
Pete Kremen
Mark Asmundson
May 1998

Urban Design
Doug Kelbaugh
April 1998

Political Columnist Shelby Scates
April 1998

Downtown Development
Doug Tolchin
March 1998

Seattle PI Baseball Columnist Art Theil
February 1998

Port of Bellingham
Doug Smith
Steve Ross
January 1998

Why Political Office Holders Don’t Stay
Bruce Ayers
Joy Keenan
Ward Nelson
November 1997

KCTS Public TV ­ Serious Money
Barry Mitzman
October 1997

U. S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce
Will Martin
September 1997

Walking Tour ­ WWU Campus
August 1997

Real Estate Assessment & Taxation
Keith Willnauer
Todd Donovan, PhD
April 1997

Movie Director, Member Motion Picture Academy
Andrew Laughlin
March 1997

Electronic News Service ­ Bug Net
Bruce Brown
February 1997

New Yorks Times
Tim Egan
November 1996

U. S. Rep Candidate Forum
Kevin Quigley
Jack Metcalf
October 1996

Voting Trends
Ken Hoover, PhD
September 1996

Pacific Legal Foundation ­
Property Rights
John Groen
August 1996

State Rep: Water Rights
Gary Chandler
July 1996

Artistic Director, Bellingham Festival of Music
Michael Palmer
June 1996

Navigating the Info Superhighway
Barry Bowen
May 1996

The Constitution
Rand Jack, JD
April 1996

Overview of Public Education
Dale Kinsley, EdD
March 1996

Race, Culture and Community
Vernon Johnson, PhD
February 1996

Womencare Shelter
Manca Vallum
January 1996

Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan
Michael Knapp
December 1995

Children’s Alliance
Peter Berliner, EdD
November 1995

County Executive Candidate Forum
Pete Kremen & Bill Geyer
September 1995

U. S. Representative Jack Metcalf
August 1995

Former B.C. Premier
Dave Barrett
July 1995

Logging to Finance Schools
Jennifer Belcher & Bill Pickell
June 1995

Hate Crimes in Our Community
Bill Wassmuth
May 1995

Investigating Airplane Crashes
Keith McGuire
April 1995

In from the Cold War
Robert Gates
March 1995

New Open Heart Surgery Unit
Jim Douglas, MD
New Urbanism
Peter Katz
February 1994

3 Strikes You’re Out
Marshall Forrest
November 1993