October 25, 2023: Artificial Intelligence


The promises and perils and how it’s already impacting our lives.
And what is it, anyway?

Use of artificial intelligence was a major issue in the screen writers’ strike, while the Teamsters want to limit cars driven by AI. In education, artificial intelligence is being used by students to write their papers and the National Institute of Health has said: “AI has the potential to revolutionize the way surgery is taught and practiced.” Some, however, say artificial intelligence could lead us to extinction, while major corporations see promise and profits.

Amy Dimond-Olivier, Data and Artificial Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft Corporation, will help us understand what artificial intelligence is, how it works, and show us how AI is already part of our lives. She will describe Microsoft’s approach to “responsible AI” and provide insights to the rapid changes AI is making to today’s technology.

Amy Dimond is a Data and Artificial Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft Corp and earned her Electrical Engineering degree from Oregon State University. She has worked for over 30 years in technology for Oracle and EMC as well as Microsoft.

Amy’s career has experienced the progression of various technologies. This evolution has transformed technology from reporting on the past to today’s Artificial Intelligence-based, predictive, prescriptive solutions across industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

Ms. Dimond is a passionate advocate for the use of innovative technologies that improve collaboration, productivity, and creativity for real outcomes. She and her husband John split their time between Oregon and Washington, spending as much time in Bellingham as possible.