March 22, 2023: US-China Relations


Where are we, how did we get here, what can be done?

Professor Kristen Parris discusses US flashpoints with China, domestic changes in China and common US misperceptions of its people and how Chinese Communist power actually works.

Kristen Parris earned her MA in East Asian Studies and her PhD in Political Science from Indiana University. She joined the Political Science Department at Western Washington University in 1991

Dr. Parris’ research interests include Chinese Politics (Nationalism, identity and ideology, civil society, community governance), Authoritarianism, Citizenship and State Building. She has traveled extensively and conducted research in China and is a member of the WWU Center for East Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary program that draws upon the expertise of more than 20 faculty from across the university. She speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese.

Professor Parris teaches courses on Modern Government and Politics, East Asian Politics, International Relations of East Asia, Democratization, Chinese Politics, Citizenship and Nationalism, US-China Relations. As part of the Western Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs, Professor Parris has taken groups of students to China to study Chinese culture, community and citizenship. She also Past President of the Association of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC).

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