May 27, 2020, Online: What Can the US Learn from China?


What can the US learn from China?

China is dealing with multiple challenges as it faces a changing world. Their contribution to the climate crisis and environmental degradation as a result of their industrial revolution is now recognized by the Communist Party as a primary threat to their economy and social order. At the same time, forces inside the party and its business community are pushing for even greater exploitation and development. Some traditions keep China in the past while others propel it forward.

David and Allison Roberts recently visited China on a cultural and speaking tour focused on China’s aspiration to establish an “ecological civilization.” Their travels offered a rare glimpse at the government’s efforts to re-align China’s current economic and social challenges with a vision of a more sustainable and resilient future – one where “Green is Gold.” David and Allison will share their insights from their travels and study of China’s current path and show how the future of the planet is deeply tied to China’s goals.

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