What’s Happened to Community Policing – Are the Feds Really Taking Over?


In order to accommodate speaker scheduling, the City Club meeting for October will be held on the 5th Wednesday, October 29, 2014, instead of the usual date.

The reaction of the Ferguson, Missouri police to the community protests of the shooting of Michael Brown brought the nation’s attention to the seeming increasingly militarization of our country’s local police forces due partly to federal policies that make available excess military equipment to police, sheriff and other law enforcement entities.

On Wednesday, October 29th our three-guest panel will explore the consequences of this new found access to military equipment and the perception that our local police forces are becoming increasingly militarized. Shedding light on this issue are three highly qualified and experienced law enforcement and civil rights professionals:

Clifford Cook, Police Chief, City of Bellingham
Peter Danelo, Board of Directors, ACLU of Washington
Mitch Barker, Executive Director, Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

We are certain this meeting will be both interesting and informative.