Whatcom, the World and How We’re Connected: People, Products and Ideas


As a border community Whatcom County has always been connected internationally. However in the 21st century, with advances in technology, transportation and communication as well as concerns about national security, we find ourselves even more interconnected to the world.

On January 23rd, we will have three knowledgeable panelists join us and share their perspectives on the nature of our international interconnectedness in terms of the flow of people, products, services and ideas, and how it impacts our lives on an everyday basis and more.

Our panelists are Merrill Bevan, Vice President for International Sales and Team Building at Wood Stone, manufacturer of high quality stone hearth and specialty cooking equipment, headquartered in Bellingham; Andrew Crowder, International Trade Specialist and Clean Technology Business Development Manager, Washington State Department of Commerce; and Len Saunders, Partner, The Immigration Law Firm PLLC, Blaine WA.